A n n e t t e   F e r r a r o  F i l m s

The Beauty and Movement of Life Captured

I’m a storyteller - a memory catcher. And as a filmmaker, I capture the beauty and movement of life. 

I offer a variety of different types of videos for my clients - below I've included two of my most popular videos - Commercial Promo Videos, Customer Testimonials and Lifestyle videos.

Questions? Interested in working together? Lets connect and craft something great! 


Brand Films are designed to elevate your business through casting a vision for your brand and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

Whether you know exactly what you want, or are in the early stages of brainstorming, we'll work together to create a storyline and approach designed to bring your vision and the essence of your brand to life. The production process is intentional and organized from start to finish - and once you receive the final deliverables, you'll be inspired and ready to captivate your audience. 


Customer Testimonials are a great way for businesses to highlight the value and expertise they bring to those they work with. Columbus School for Girls' Dean of Faculty, Sarah Brewer, explains how VARtek makes her job easier, CSG more efficient and puts them at the forefront of education.


These moments...they are fleeting...but those feelings you feel now, can live with you forever. 

Lifestyle videos are designed to capture your life as it is in all its beauty. Your story, authentically told and visually captivating, is centered around the candid and honest interactions that bring happiness and joy to your soul.

It's your story - don’t let it go untold.